Troika ‘Newton Virus’ (It’s NOT Harmful!)

29 03 2008

In the computer’s early years, viruses, unlike today, were created for fun and amusement. They would not cause any harm to the computer, but would perhaps make the screen tun blue or make all the victim’s icons turn purple. However, although computer viruses have harmful and joyful roots, today’s computer viruses are threatening to people’s files and information.

A London-based design firm named Troika has decided to temporarily relive the surprise of the original computer viruses by launching a project called the ‘Newton Virus’. The virus is designed for Macs, and as of today it is not yet available to the public, however, it is currently on display at the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art).
The harmless virus simply adds gravity to your Mac’s desktop, causing all the icons and the menu bar to fall to the ‘ground’, bounce, and come to a stop. If you pick up the laptop and tilt it, the icons and menu bar will fall to the new ‘ground’!

This is a great toy for people of all ages, and although it’s not available to the public today, it maybe sometime in the near future!

Sound Recorded Before Edison?

27 03 2008

In 1878 when Thomas Edison recorded the words “Mary Had a Little Lamb” on a piece of tinfoil, he became considered as the father of recording sound- until now. A few weeks ago another recording was discovered in a Paris archive. The American Audio Historians, the people who discovered the recording, believe it to have been recorded on April 9, 1860, 18 years before Edison prevailed in his attempt to record and play back sound.

Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville, the little-known Parisian typesetter and tinkerer was the inventor of the phonautograph, and it was he who recorded the first sounds. He recorded 11 seconds of the song ‘Au Claire de la Lune’ on a machine that was not meant to play the sounds back, but to record them.

$5B XM Satellite Radio Buyout

24 03 2008

The U.S. Justice Department recently approved Sirius Satellite Radio’s buyout of their biggest competitor, XM Satellite Radio, for $5 billion.

4,000 Dead in Iraq

24 03 2008

As of last sunday, 4,000 Americans have died in Iraq since 2003. 

Upcoming Changes and Additions

23 03 2008

As the blog has really come a long way in the last month, we’re thinking of throwing in a few new things.  The possibilities are as follows:

1) A site podcast
2) A new site design
3) Our own domain
Please put your concerns in the comments, or email us at!


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