Elliot Spitzer

13 03 2008
Two days ago New York governor Elliot Spitzer was caught on federal wiretap arranging to meet an expensive prostitute at a hotel in Washington.  This was a terrible blow to his reputation because he had just begun to pull out from a difficult first year where he had faced much opposition from within the New York Legislature.  Although he made many formidable enemies in his relentless pursuit of wall street wrongdoing, he was supposedly doing it “for the greater good of the public”.
He resigned on wednesday, delighting the public, and has apologized for his actions.  Before this incident he was a strong backer of  ethics in life, and this helped his political rise to power.  However, going against his own words, he has destroyed any positive elements in in his public and private images.

Elliot Spitzer is the first New York governor to resign since 1973.  He is also the first to be forced out of office since 1913 when William Sulzer was impeached over a campaign contribution fraud.



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