Review: The New Airport Express

18 03 2008

The new Airport Express, introduced today, has given the Airport Express new potential to appeal to even more people than before. With improved range and signal strength, it outperforms its predecessor by more than 30%!

With up to 5 times the power and 2 times the range, it can’t get much better, but Apple also included 802.11n and expanded connectivity to allow up to 10 Mac and PC users on the network at a time. Although Apple changed a lot on the inside of the device, the design has not changed at all. It is still a mere $99.00, and is compatible with Airport Utility, the wireless network managing tool Apple provides with all Macs in /Applications/Utilities/Airport Utility.

As well as functioning as an amazing wireless network, it also provides a feature called AirTunes. Airtunes allows you to play your iTunes music on your stereo or speakers wirelessly. The available speakers are shown in iTunes in the bottom-right corner. Simply click the arrows and select the speakers you want!

The Airport Express still supports wireless printing, but a feature I was hoping for is wireless USB drive sharing, which has yet to appear in the Airport Express. I wonder if Apple is trying to force people needing this feature to buy an Airport Extreme…




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