30 04 2008

Thank you everyone for being continued supporters of FryBlog, i’m back home from my 3-day trip, and shall resume posting even more than ever!


McCain Criticizes Handling of Hurricane Katrina

28 04 2008

John McCain criticized the handling of Hurricane Katrina, and promises that it will never happen again.

VMware Fusion 1.1.2

25 04 2008

VMware has released an update to the popular VMware Fusion virtual computer software for the Mac platform.  Version 1.1.2 includes increased support for the MacBook Air, and now includes support for backing up your virtual machines using Time Machine, the built-in backup utility included in Mac OS X 10.5 (codename Leopard).  Other minor fixes included in this update include proper disconnection of USB devices at virtual machine shutdown time, remapped system keys, a repair to external speakers, and Simplified Chinese is now available.

VMware Fusion Logo

Apple’s 2nd Fiscal Quarter Results

24 04 2008

Apple profitted of 1.05 billion dollars during the second fiscal quarter between January and March.

Click on title to read a more in-depth article from our friends at MacWorld!

Skype a Trojan?

24 04 2008

Last weekend users of Skype who were also subscribed to Microsoft’s OneCare service were blocked access to the popular voIP client.  Windows Live OneCare thought Skype was infected with the Trojan Win32/Vundo.gen!D.  Skype denies this, and Mcrosoft has since then released a new signature file that does not enclude Skype.

Apple Buys PA Semi

24 04 2008

Apple bought processor designer PA Semi, but we don’t know what for yet.  Speculation is Apple will use PA Semi’s processor designs in an UMPC (ultra-mobile personal computer).

Sony Buys Gracenote

24 04 2008

On Monday, Sony announced that it will buy Gracenote, for around $260 million.  Gracenote is known for their music identification technology.  Sony and Gracenote will remain separate, and Gracenote’s management and workers shall not change.