Audi+Biofuel=Le Mans

4 06 2008

Audi has dominated the 24 Hours of Le Mans with the R10 TDI diesel, and this year the company is making a run for its third consecutive win in a car powered by biofuel.

The German automaker says the three cars it’s entering will be fueled in part by diesel fuel produced from waste wood and other biomass and they will emit 90 percent less carbon dioxide than cars burning conventional diesel. The cars, which produce in excess of 650 horsepower, have until now run on synthetic diesel derived from natural gas through a process called gas to liquids

But Audi and Royal Dutch Shell, which produces the fuel Audi Sport Team Joest runs in the cars, plan to add an undisclosed amount of biofuel produced from waste wood and other feedstocks through a process called biomass to liquids. The team started track-testing the fuel Sunday ahead of the race on June 14 and 15.

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