iPhone: The Discrete Powerhouse

19 06 2008

Today in Melbourne, Australia at the Citrix Application Delivery Conference, the iPhone did something amazing and unthinkable.  It ran Windows.  Citrix managed to get an iPhone to run a full, complete version of Windows XP Professional.  If you think that was amazing, this will knock you off your feet!  The iPhone working faster than some desktops and laptops that were reviewed in comparison!  I think this is an amazing leap in OS support on the iPhone, but 1 thing…  Who in their right mind would want to run an ugly, horribly crippled, and alltogether useless OS on such a sleek, shiny, new wonder of Apple technology?  The real excitement will come when someone manages to run Mac OS X Leopard or Snow Leopard on it.  Now THAT would make the iPhone absolutely unbeatable.




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