Axel Springer AG Springs for 12,000 Macs

4 07 2008

One of Germany’s largest newspaper publishers will become one of Apple’s largest-ever customers when it converts all of its 12,000 computers from Windows systems to Macs. Also, the latest beta of Flash Player 10 promises to boost sluggish performance with Apple computers.

German firm in record PC-to-Mac shift

In a major overhaul of its IT system, German publisher Axel Springer AG said it has struck a deal with Apple to replace every one of its 12,000 active computers with Macs.

Axel Springer produces the popular German newspaper Bild and becomes the single-largest company in Europe to depend entirely on Apple hardware for its day-to-day business. The shift helps modernize the publisher’s culture, according to company chief Dr. Mathias Döpfner.

The total cost of ownership of each system over its useful lifespan and simple design are also cited as reasons for the switch.

The company will use all of Apple’s desktop line, including the Mac mini, iMac, and Mac Pro, and should also use MacBooks and MacBook Airs for its mobile workers; depending on the context, users will either run Mac OS X, Windows XP, or Windows Vista. The iPhone will also be on hand, Apple notes.

All company-owned systems will be Macs within the next one to two years, though Axel Springer says self-purchased Macs and iPhones will be usable with the company network from July.




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