Man Ripps Wax Hitler’s Head Off

5 07 2008

A man raced into Berlin’s Madame Tussauds wax museum Saturday and ripped the head off a waxwork of Adolf Hitler, police said.

Police said the 41-year-old entered the exhibit shortly after the museum doors opened and “made for the Hitler figure,” scuffling with a guard assigned to protect it and the manager before tearing the head off the life-size statue.

The man was arrested and is now in custody, Berlin police spokeswoman Uwe Kozelnik said. Under questioning, the man explained he wanted to protest the figure being included in the museum.

Saturday was the opening day of the Berlin branch of the famous Madame Tussauds wax museum.

The presence of the waxwork, which depicted the Nazi dictator sitting at his desk in his bunker during his last days, in the new museum led to criticism in German media over recent weeks. But the museum’s defenders argued Hitler’s role in German history must not be ignored

What kind of fanatic is he?



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