Rhone River Contains High Levels Of PCBs

25 08 2008

Beneath the waters of the Rhone, which flows through some of France’s key tourists spots – from Lyon, to Avignon and on to the Camargue nature reserve – lurks an environmental disaster so grave that it has been described as “the French Chernobyl”.

Along the length of the Rhone, from Lyon down to the Camargue estuary, river fisherman have been ordered by the French government to moor up their boats.

Last year, a dredge of the Rhone showed contaminated sediment in its bed and a local fisherman, concerned that birds seemed to be dying around the Grand Large area, just outside Lyon, sent some of his catch to a laboratory to be tested.

The fish contained 12 times the legal safety limit of the toxic chemicals polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs.




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