Inmates Escape, Questions Over Delay of Public Notice

26 08 2008

Saskatchewan’s minister of public safety has ordered an investigation into why 15 hours passed before authorities alerted the public about a prison break by six inmates.

One of six escapees was caught a short time after fleeing the Regina Correctional Centre on Sunday night at about 10 p.m., but five were still on the loose Tuesday.

A Canada-wide warrant was issued for the five escaped inmates, described as “dangerous and possibly armed” at a Monday afternoon news conference where the public was first alerted about the incident.

With the Trans-Canada Highway nearby, police acknowledge that the inmates could have travelled far in the hours since their escape.

“We’ve got a pretty big country. They could be just about anywhere,” said RCMP Sgt. Doug Coleman.

The five escapees are Ryan John Agecoutay, 25, Preston Clarence Buffalocalf, 22, Cody Dillon Keenatch, 19, James Joseph Pewean, 25, and Daniel Richard Wolfe, 32.



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