Google Chrome For Mac- Just Kidding

16 09 2008

Itching to try out Google Chrome, but don’t feel like leaving the confines of your Mac? You could install Google’s recently unveiled browser on Boot Camp or via virtualization, but that’s a lot of hassle just to use one application.

Fortunately for you, the team at CodeWeavers is trying to simplify that. CodeWeavers is the company behind CrossOver for Mac, the program that lets you run some Windows applications on your Intel Mac without having to use Windows. CodeWeavers has taken Chromium, the freely available source behind Chrome, and set it up to run on Intel-based Macs and Linux.

Note that this is not a native version, and CodeWeavers themselves say that it’s more of a proof-of-concept than anything else. You probably won’t want to use it for your everyday browsing (starting it up for the first time took at least three or four minutes on my MacBook and I still can’t quite figure out how to get right-click working), and it looks and feels like a Windows app. But for those interested in playing around with Chrome on the Mac, this is probably the easiest way to do that until Sergey Brin finally gets his way.




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17 09 2008


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