Lloyds TSB+HBOS=30bil Retail Banking Giant

17 09 2008

Lloyds TSB is in advanced merger talks with HBOS to create a UK retail banking giant worth £30bn, the BBC has learned.

A deal would end uncertainty about the strength of Halifax-Bank of Scotland after a run on its shares.

The government has also said it will over-rule any concerns that competition authorities may raise, BBC Business Editor Robert Peston has learned.

He added the prime minister was involved in negotiating the deal, which has the blessing of UK authorities.

HBOS and Lloyds have declined to comment.

The advanced talks are being encouraged by both the Treasury and Financial Services Authority (FSA) as a deal will ease concerns about the health of the UK banking sector, our business editor added.




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18 09 2008


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18 09 2008

VERY ENGLISH… Another approach to stabilize the MESS!

18 09 2008

I’m glad you found quality information on our site-but to get here you should already know our link info. And hate to break it to you, but that last meeasge you sent wasn’t an email, it was a public comment, on a public comment system, and therefore your disclaimer is not under affect. 😉

18 09 2008


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