Paris Hilton’s Dogs Attacked by Coyotes

18 09 2008

Paris Hilton lost two out of her 17 dogs Wednesday night when they were attacked by wild coyotes. Apparently, the dogs were outside at night in the Celebrity Petting Zoo that is her Hollywood Hills home.

Please, don’t let it be Tinkerbell! Please, NO!

Wait, so they were outside, not inside? At night? In the Hollywood Hills?

That’s practically like setting the table, lighting candles and inviting the coyotes over for dinner!

Paris reportedly also owns a goat, cats, two ferrets, a chinchilla and arguably a few other exotic pets, possibly not legal in California.

It’s certainly not legal to have more than three dogs in L.A. without a breeder’s permit. After she bragged about having 17 dogs on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” the Department of Animal Services visited her home.

But nothing much came of it because she wasn’t there and the house was under construction. There weren’t even any dogs there. After that, the animal control officer, Captain Wendell Bowers, told The Dish Rag that he wished Paris hadn’t said it on national TV because then a buncha animal rights folks heard about it and complained.

Paris was reportedly “devastated” by Wednesday night’s tragic  loss.

So are we.  Seriously, we are…*snicker*…………..HAHAHAHAHA, sad for the dogs 😥 , but no one really cares too much for Paris’ animals, as 1/2 of them are illegal in CA anyway. 😉




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