I’m A PC…On A Mac

19 09 2008

Metadata found on Microsoft’s creative copy used in its ‘I’m a PC’ ad reveals that the graphics were actually produced using Macs running Adobe Creative Suite 3. After the details were published on the Flickr photo sharing site, Microsoft scrambled to polish off the embarrassing details last night

Microsoft’s new ad features contrasts a “stereotyped PC user” dressed up like John Hodgman in Apple’s Get a Mac ads with a number of people who say, “I’m a PC” apparently to affirm that they run Windows.

However, not even Microsoft itself can wean itself off the Mac, as the metadata discovered by Flickr user LuisDS points out. Microsoft was not only using Macs but also Adobe’s software in place of its own Expressions Studio, which the company bills as software that “takes your creative possibilities to a new level.”
I'm A PC




2 responses

19 09 2008
Riley Kaminer

I tweeted that today (http://twitter.com/rileykaminer/statuses/927255000) after I saw @definetheline tweet it (http://twitter.com/definetheline/statuses/927184059). How funny how word can spread over twitter in the space of less than 12 hours!

19 09 2008

Oh, haha, Riley, I didnt get that from twitter :P…i didnt even see it on twitter…It was in my RSS reader

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