Goes Down

22 09 2008

The Web site for Bank of America was down on Monday for some customers, a spokeswoman for the bank said.

Tara Burke cited “temporary systems issues” and declined to say what the cause was or whether it was related to Bank of America’s proposed purchase of Merrill Lynch or other recent turmoil on Wall Street.

“We’ve had sporadic interruption of online banking service. It doesn’t impact customer information, just the ability to access it,” she said. “We are continuing to correct the error. The site should return shortly.”

The site had been down for several hours as of mid-day pacific time, according to Burke.

One colleague, who made it only halfway through logging in to the Bank of America site before it timed out, got an email a short time later with the subject line: “Remember how convenient it is to bank online?” The e-mail provided instructions for how to reset the password if you have had problems logging in because you forgot your online ID or password.

It’s unclear if the e-mail is an unfortunate auto response to the temporary site outage or if it is just really bad timing.




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23 09 2008


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