Facebook Sues Power.com

4 01 2009

Facebook is suing Power.com, a Brazilian start-up that lets users access a number of social networks through one portal.

Facebook filed a lawsuit on Tuesday in U.S. District Court in San
Jose, Calif., for copyright and trademark infringement; unlawful
competition; and violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act,
CAN-SPAM Act, and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, among other charges.

Power.com signs users into their various social networks and
messaging clients and delivers the data from those sites and services
to one page. For example, you can see all of your friends, their status
updates, visit their profile pages, and even send a message to multiple
friends on multiple social networks–all in one place. Last month,
Webware editor Rafe Needleman described it as Meebo for social networks,
and it’s obviously a big convenience for people who have profiles and
friends spread across Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, Hi5, and the AOL,
Yahoo, and MSN instant messaging clients.

But Facebook would rather users go through them. It has
requested that Power.com use Facebook Connect instead of asking users
for their log-in information and has been in discussions with the
start-up for a month, according to The New York Times. But the Times
reports the two failed to come to any resolution, and so Facebook
decided to file suit. Power removed access to Facebook after the claim
was filed.




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