Madoff Defies Judge’s Orders

7 01 2009

Bernard L. Madoff, the financier accused of running a $50 billion Ponzi scheme,
violated his bail terms by sending his friends and family packages
containing 13 watches, 4 diamond brooches, a jade necklace, two sets of
cufflinks and other jewelry totaling at least $1 million, federal
prosecutors argued in a legal brief released Wednesday.

Prosecutors said Mr. Madoff had defied a judge’s orders not to
dispose of any assets by sending the packages of jewelry and valuables,
and they argued that his actions violated the conditions of his bail
and made him an increased flight risk. They asked that Mr. Madoff be
taken into custody.“The defendant has assets that cannot be effectively
restrained, and his ties to New York have been largely severed by the
loss of his New York business and his loss of status in the New York
community,” prosecutors said in the court filing.

Prosecutors, in
the brief filed Tuesday, said most of the items sent have been
recovered by the government. The brief said that two additional
packages with unknown contents had been sent to Mr. Madoff’s brother
and an identified couple in Florida.

The magistrate judge, Ronald L. Ellis of United States District Court
in Manhattan, is now expected to rule, possibly later today, on whether
Mr. Madoff should stay under house arrest at his Upper East Side
apartment, or be remanded to jail.




2 responses

7 01 2009

He should be put under the jail house not in it!!! This is just one more thing to prove that this country is ran by the Rich!!! Their are thousands of people in prisons that have stolen things even smaller than $5.00 that are in prisons today so where is the Justice for them! Free country! Ba-Hum-Bug

12 01 2009

This guy has already caused at least 2 individuals to kill themselves, he should be charged somehow for these deaths also. This is the epitomy of the rich getting away with murder in this country and it has to stop. Madoff should get the death penalty and his family should loose all their assets too, all were accomplices.

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