Contact Us

You can contact the FryLife management team by email, IM, twitter, skype, comments (on this site), and other ways.

Email- FryMail

AIM- guitar2drummer

Twitter- Pfig88

Skype- filiopietism

Listen to this site on my phone with Jott Feeds

Thank-you for your interest in our site and our future. Feel free to link to us at anytime, and if you would like to use any material on our site, just drop us a line-using any method!


5 responses

2 06 2008
Jonathan H

Could you maybe put links to the sites of the service/direct link to service?

13 06 2008

@Jonathan H Well, we can’t link to AIM or Skype, but the others are links, just click on them!

15 06 2008

are you affiliated with Jott? (little Jott thingy)

17 07 2008

@max no, but we thot it wud be a nice addition

6 12 2008

ok, though it would be worth a shot!

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