Apple Proves Immune

21 01 2009

Through some of the hardest economic times the company has faced since its founding, and the temporary withdrawal of Steve Jobs, Apple still manages to produce outstanding results, which exceed analyst expectations.

The company made a net profit of $1.61bn (£1.15bn) for the quarter to the end of
December, compared with $1.58bn during the same quarter last fiscal year.

With sales of the iPhone up 88% after selling more than 4mil iPhones and iPods, I think the company is close to being able to claim and copyright the term Economic Immunity(c)!


iWork ’09 Review

6 01 2009

I have been playing around and doing work in iWork ’09 all afternoon/evening, and thus far, Pages show nearly no change, but Numbers and Keynote have great potential.  I have bought the software, and will post more when I use the applications more, and integrate them into my workflow, replacing their ’08 counterparts