Apple WWDC ’09

27 03 2009

June 8-12 are the dates for the 2009 Apple World-Wide Developer Conference, and the two rumors that make the most sense to us are an unveiling of a completed Snow Leopard, and a new iPhone


Blackberry’s Own App Store

27 03 2009

BusinessWeek says that RIM chief Mike Lazaridis will launch BlackBerry’s long-awaited App Store competitor from CTIA on April 1. Paid apps will start at $2.99, but like the Apple App Store, freebies will exist.

Apple Proves Immune

21 01 2009

Through some of the hardest economic times the company has faced since its founding, and the temporary withdrawal of Steve Jobs, Apple still manages to produce outstanding results, which exceed analyst expectations.

The company made a net profit of $1.61bn (£1.15bn) for the quarter to the end of
December, compared with $1.58bn during the same quarter last fiscal year.

With sales of the iPhone up 88% after selling more than 4mil iPhones and iPods, I think the company is close to being able to claim and copyright the term Economic Immunity(c)!

iWork ’09?

6 01 2009

With just over an hour to go before Apple kicks off Macworld Expo 2009 with an inaugural keynote presentation from its marketing chief, references to a new version of the company’s iWork productivity have appeared at

The Mac maker’s software download page lists “iWork ’09” as the fourth most popular download. However the associated link, which can be seen on the left-hand side of the page, still takes visitors to the iWork ’08 trial download page.

Steve Jobs’ Health

6 01 2009

After months of speculation about his health, Apple CEO Steve Jobs
announced Monday that his doctors believe a hormonal imbalance is to
blame for his alarming weight loss.


16 12 2008

Alongside the Mac OS X 10.5.6 update, MobileMe was also updated, now showing increased speed and performance.

Mac OS X 10.5.6

16 12 2008

Yesterday, Mac OS X 10.5.6 was released, and the 190mb update includes:

  • Stability and Performance improvements to OS X apps (Mail, iCal, Safari, Airport)
  • New Trackpad System Preferences panel (only applies to laptop Macs)
  • DVD Player performance improvements
  • Graphical Quality improvements
  • Time Machine improvements
  • Security Updates

The support page details all of the updates, improvements, and tweaks.