Resuming Work

15 02 2009

Over the last few months, I have become lazy. I greatly appreciate many people continuing to visit the site, and I’m going to resume making it worthwhile. Commencing tonight, FryLife will be, once again, fully operational! Thanks!



5 11 2008

We apologize for the lack of content that should have been posted to FryBlog, FryCast, and FryLive.  We are currently amazingly busy, and have decided to allow a temporary lull in content delivery until December 10th.  Thanks!

FryLife Refocusing

25 09 2008

In order to refocus the site on news, in the blog, and the podcast, we will be removing FryChat and FryBlab, as they are irrelevant to the site’s main goals and plans.  Thanks!

If anyoe has an objection to this, please comment below!

FryBlog Posting

21 09 2008

We apologize for the lack of content on FryBlog the last few days, some of our authors are busy with the current situation of the US markets, and others are attempting to get into the swing of things at the start of the school year.

Normal posting should resume (approx. 5-10 posts a day) sometime this week, or next weekend. Thanks for you support!


19 09 2008

I am currently sick, so I will have another FryBlog author write posts tomorrow morning.  Thanks!

Recent Posting

19 08 2008

FryReaders, we are sorry for the current lack of content on the site, we are currently working on a lot of the inner workings of the site, and have not been paying ample attention to posting and general content updating. We apologize, and promise to have the site up and active once more (with a few new surprises!!!)

The FryLife team

FryBlog= redOrbit Blog Of The Day!

4 07 2008

FryLife was rated the redOrbit Blog Of The Day!!!