Wii HD

3 10 2008

Nintendo is beginning to present its next generation hardware, dubbed Wii HD, to game developers and publishers, according to a report from What They Play.

Along with support for high definition resolutions, the new system is expected to sport backwards compatibility and a focus on digitally distributed content. Sources also indicate that Nintendo is once again placing special emphasis on the controller.


Spore: 100mil Copies Sold

24 09 2008

Spore, the new evolution game from Electronic Arts, has sold a million units since its September 7 launch, the publisher said Wednesday.

The sales figures are for copies of the game on the PC, the Mac, and the Nintendo DS.

The results are impressive and important for EA, especially given the heavy expectations that awaited the game, which was first announced in 2005 and was first expected in 2006, and also because the game has been beset by some controversy surrounding its DRM (digital rights management) restrictions.

And early indications from retailers around the country showed that the game was selling well in its first few weeks on store shelves.

However, the sales numbers don’t match those delivered by recent hits like Grand Theft Auto IV, from Rockstar Games and Guitar Hero III, from Activision, which sold multiple millions of copies right off the bat.

Still, for a game with what some might see as a wonky or overly intellectual theme–the evolution of species and the colonization of space–a million copies sold in just 17 days is a good sign.

The big question, of course, is whether Spore can continue to sell over time and justify EA’s stated hopes that the game could end up becoming a full-scale franchise along the lines of The Sims.

New Nintendo DS in April-May of 2009

6 09 2008

Kotaku is claiming that Nintendo will debut a new Nintendo DS in April or May of 2009. According to their sources, the new DS model’s features will be similar to the next-generation DS wishlist Gizmodo published last year.

Kotaku says that both screens would have touch capability, which is reasonable to expect. They also point out that both screens will have a wide aspect ratio, which it’s more difficult to believe unless they position the controls somewhere else (I don’t see Nintendo sacrificing physical buttons for a pure touch interface.)

They also claim that this may not be the Nintendo DS 2, but a revision to the current model. Personally, I don’t know how can that be. With such new prominent features, which will require a new generation of games to be fully exploited, it won’t make sense to not name label it as the next generation DS.

In any case, they seem very confident about the news. So much in fact, that they used Gizmodo’s Nintendo DS 2 3D mock-up to further highlight their scoop.

XBOX 360 Following Wii

25 08 2008

It’s a rumor, but it sure is a juicy one. According to an Xbox360Fanboy source close to Microsoft PR, the $200 Xbox 360 Arcade (the SKU with no hard drive) will be sold in a bundle with a motion controller and a few motiony games during the coming holiday season. The possibility is certainly not all that crazy, as we’ve seen plenty of evidence supporting the Xbox 360 “Newton” motion controller, and everyone wants a piece of the Wii’s big, hungry fanbase. We’re guessing that if this rumor pans out we’ll hear more around the Tokyo Game Show in October.

XBOX 360 Fall Update

25 08 2008

Microsoft’s just gone on the record with RPG-TV and said the Fall Xbox 360 Dashboard Update will be hitting in November, which technically is still a part of Fall. Previous updates have also been released in late November (as close to Winter as you could push it while still being Fall), but all those new features coming this time might be cause for delay, even though they skipped the Spring update for this reason. Seriously Microsoft, will we have to wait another three months to get the ability to make a little avatar that looks like ourselves? You’re forcing us to turn on our Wiis?

Rock Band 2

1 07 2008

Rock Band 2 is official, and will be released later this year