iGoogle Redesign

18 10 2008

Google recently rolled out a significant redesign of its iGoogle
homepage and already users are complaining that the new version is a
giant step backwards. The Google Group dedicated to iGoogle is quickly filling up with posts from angry users calling the new iGoogle “basic user interface stupidity” and petitioning for a return to the old look.

Of course any time a large, popular homepage like iGoogle undergoes
changes, there will always be those who hate it simply because it’s
different. In this case, while some may be vocally unhappy about the
changes, they appear to be in the minority. At the moment a petition
asking Google to bring back the old tabs across the top of the page has
a mere 136 signatures,not even showing up on the mass outcry radar.

does this remind you of any faily recent site redesigns? *cough*Facebook*cough*