Windows 7

14 10 2008

Microsoft is expected to be handing out pre-betas of Windows 7 to developers at WinHEC and PDC soon, and it looks like it’s settled on an official name for its next-gen OS – Windows 7.


Microsoft Stripping Windows 7

23 09 2008

Microsoft is planning to remove e-mail, photo editing, movie making and other secondary software offerings from the upcoming Windows 7. Windows Photo Gallery, Windows Mail, and Windows Movie Maker were all part of Vista, but, in an effort to cut down on development time of future OS updates, Microsoft plans to give them the heave-ho.

Instead users will be directed to download the Windows Live programs that replace each of those apps. In fact, Microsoft has already been encouraging users to replace the Vista versions with the Windows Live equivalents.

Microsoft SkyMarket

1 09 2008

Microsoft is preparing to launch in the next few months (With Windows 7) a website called Skymarket to sell Windows Mobile OS applications, a job advertisement suggests.

The clue to the launch is a job advertisement spotted by blogger Long Zheng. Microsoft is looking for a senior product manager who would oversee the marketing and development for the service, intended to complement the eventual release of the next mobile OS, Windows Mobile 7.

Third-party developers have built more than 15,000 applications for Windows Mobile, but the applications are sold through a multitude of vendors on different Web sites.

The advertisement would suggest that Microsoft is aiming for something closer to Apple’s one-stop shop approach with its iTunes Store, which also sells applications for the iPhone. Those applications, which now number more than 1,000, are vetted by Apple and are not sold elsewhere.

One of the goals listed in Microsoft’s ad for the position is making “the Windows Mobile marketplace ‘the place to be’ for developers wishing to distribute and monetize their Windows Mobile applications.”

What Makes Windows 7 Tick: This October

14 08 2008

Microsoft finally reveals a bit about what’s under Windows 7’s hood-but not yet.  According to the new Windows 7 dev blog, we’ll get our first peek at the Professional Developers Conference on Oct. 27 and the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference the week after.